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Sunday, 1 July 2012

I decorated my family room from Beyond the Rack....

I decided to stay home this past winter, and to decorate my family room.  The wicker set I inherited from my husband's grandfather - and I bought the green arm chair from The Brick.  I also started with the buffet, the wooden chair, the picture over the buffet, and the small picture right besides the fireplace. 

But everything else, I bought from Beyond the Rack.   The first thing that I bought was a glass Garden Vase - $34.99.  The light catches this in the afternoon .... beautiful.   


Next, was the Throw blanket in Aqua -  $19.99 and the 4 Hampton cushions - $63.96.
Then I bought the two Bamboo Stools - $89.88.

After that, the Iron Flower Vase pictures (2) ...$ 79.99

Then I bought the Blue Bird Watering Can - $19.99 - the Snowdrop Flowers - $18.99 - and the Flower Pot - $24.99....

Then I bought the Oak Avenue tray - $17.99.  The tea set was my own. 

After that, the Antiquity rug - $339.99.  This rug is made from wool, and is so deep and luxurious.   Then I bought the 2 Sunflower Tin Bag vases - $29.99. 

The costs from Beyond the Rack was $740.75, plus GST 5%, and shipping.  You can order up to 10 items for $11.95, and usually I did.  
So now I am finished decorating - except maybe I am going to buy a chandelier from BTR.  

Photos belong to Dorothy Lloyd