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Saturday, 7 April 2012

Bus trip to a Cheese farm....

The Casino ran a bus trip each month - I did not know this, and missed the first trip, but we went to Ashgrove Farms to see how they make cheese. They had a whole bunch of cows - touristy but cute.

The first thing we did was attend a cheese making seminar.  This was good, and lasted about 1/2 hour.  Then after that, a little cheese tasting and many people made purchases.  I was coming home in a week, so I didn't buy anything.

Then we went for lunch at the Christmas Hills Raspberry Farm CafĂ©.  They grow raspberries here -  chocolate covered raspberries for dessert.  Behind the restaurant, there was a walking path around a small lake.

After lunch, we voted for what route we would take back to town.  Most people wanted to stop at this Sauce/Pickle place.  When we got there, about half went inside, and the rest of us waited on the bus.

I think Tasmania’s beautiful scenery is more costal – driving through the centre of Tasmania reminded me of travelling through southern Alberta.  If you go for a bus trip, I would look at either something on the coast or a National Park.

Photos belong to Dorothy Lloyd

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