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Saturday, 21 April 2012

So that's my trip to Hobart....

At the end of March, I returned to Alberta.  Long flight back - I booked it with airmiles, so it is never non-stop.  On the way back, I had to stop at San Francisco, then Vancouver, and back to Edmonton.

For this summer, I am going to replay my most-read blogs, so anything that you missed out on reading, you will be able to pick it up.  If any of you would "Follow" my blog, that would be great.   

For next fall, I am taking a cruise from Vancouver through to Hawaii and then down to French Polynesia. 

I will write a blog about it, so you will know how it turned out.  Also, next winter, we will follow Jaro Franta on his bike trip.

Hobart was a great place to spend the winter.  If any of you decide to go to Hobart for the winter, please e-mail me and let us all know.  

All photos belong to Jaro Franta.  

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Bus trip to a Cheese farm....

The Casino ran a bus trip each month - I did not know this, and missed the first trip, but we went to Ashgrove Farms to see how they make cheese. They had a whole bunch of cows - touristy but cute.

The first thing we did was attend a cheese making seminar.  This was good, and lasted about 1/2 hour.  Then after that, a little cheese tasting and many people made purchases.  I was coming home in a week, so I didn't buy anything.

Then we went for lunch at the Christmas Hills Raspberry Farm CafĂ©.  They grow raspberries here -  chocolate covered raspberries for dessert.  Behind the restaurant, there was a walking path around a small lake.

After lunch, we voted for what route we would take back to town.  Most people wanted to stop at this Sauce/Pickle place.  When we got there, about half went inside, and the rest of us waited on the bus.

I think Tasmania’s beautiful scenery is more costal – driving through the centre of Tasmania reminded me of travelling through southern Alberta.  If you go for a bus trip, I would look at either something on the coast or a National Park.

Photos belong to Dorothy Lloyd