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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Jaro’s bike ride to Mt. Wellington….

Mt. Wellington is history!     
Got into Hobart yesterday afternoon after a 4.5h bus ride from Devonport, by way of Launceston and the central part of Tassie - which looks a bit like southern Alberta or Saskatchewan.  After getting to my room and assembling the Cervelo, I started the ride around 2:30 PM.

It's a 22K ride to the top of the summit of Mt. Wellington (1270m) climbing right from downtown Hobart.
The first ~9K is on a relatively busy 'B' road, but the remaining 12K is on a fairly quiet 'C' road (paved all the way to the top).  The climbing is fairly easy, with a steady grade of about 6% - no really steep stuff, like some of the roads in the north near Devonport.
Earlier, when I arrived at the hostel, there were a few Asian tourists at the front desk, asking about getting a taxi ride to the top of Mt.Wellington - apparently its $100!

The ride was similar to Mt. Ventoux ("le geant de la Provence", 1570m climb from Malaucene, and almost exactly the same distance) - only Wellington has more impressive views, with the coast and Derwent River bridge. Last year, this climb was the first stage (prologue) of the Tour of Tasmania.
Similar to Europe, the road was marked for the last 8K to the top, with markers every K, and various names and words of encouragement near the end.
All photos belong to Jaro Franta.  

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