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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

More interesting sights in Hobart ....

You would often see Classic cars being driven around Hobart, but by the time you got your camera out, they were long gone.  But if one breaks down……
Rental Car

One night, at the Casino, I was getting a ride home with Geoff, and one floor of the parking lot was filled  with Classic Cars. Very impressive – and not a guard watching them except for the security cameras.

I was at Salamanca Market on a Saturday, and this band was playing.    Notice how the bathrooms are called "Toilets".    

 Sometimes I walked downtown another way, and I would pass these barracks. 

The biggest privately owned residential yacht on the planet has arrived for a 5-day visit to Hobart. The World's residents own the ship. Many of them live permanently in the 165 private apartments, or use them as holiday homes. The World has sailed the globe continuously since it was launched in 2002.  This is the second time The World has visited Hobart, the first was in September 2006. (Picture and text taken from

Photos belong to Dorothy Lloyd.

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