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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Meet more Australians in Hobart....

Peter  was born in Lymington, England.
It was raining out, and I went to the Casino for supper.  I wanted to take some pictures, but every booth was occupied. There was a woman reading in one of the booths, and I asked her if I could sit there and take pictures.   
We started talking - she was from Adelaide (her partner was gambling, but he joined us later) and they were also tourists in Tasmania.  So this is how I met Charyn and Peter.  They had rented a studio about two blocks away from me on Sandy Bay Road.  They had a rental car and were going on a drive the next day.  They asked me to join them and, of course, I accepted.   

My first trip out of the city - we drove south of Hobart, stopped lots, and had such a good visit.  They had been here for about two weeks, and were just driving around Tasmania.  One night, they stayed at these holiday villas right beside the ocean.

We stopped at Cygnet and went to the Cygnet Living History Museum.  We had a good visit with a volunteer there, and he suggested that we eat lunch at the Commercial Hotel.  I had fish and chips - very good.  On the way out to the patio, there was a bakeshop in the hotel with lots of different cheesecakes.  I had one with caramel topping - excellent. 

Different traffic signs....

They were going home in a couple of days, so we stayed around Hobart, and they invited me for supper on their last night.

Photos belong to Dorothy Lloyd.

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