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Thursday, 23 February 2012

Jaro's bike ride to Ulverstone.....

Spotted on route C123 to Gawler....

The wonderful descent from Paloona...

The route went south-west from Devonport, through Eugenana, Melrose, Paloona and Moreton, then B16 and C123 to Gawler and Ulverstone.

Start of the climb up to Moreton: looks innocent enough here, but after the first left it turns into a ~2km long 15% grade - another job for "granny gear".

Views from the plateau at Moreton...

Route C123 to Gawler.

Ulverstone Park

I was going to go farther west to Penguin, but with the strong easterly wind, I decided to head back east instead, but by way of all the little streets and bike paths through the beach parks of Ulverstone and Turners Beach. Some interesting sights there, that I haven't checked out previously.
The C123 is a really fun ride, with the road staying high on a ridge, providing great views, with only little dips before the descent to Gawler.

All photos belong to Jaro Franta.  

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