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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

More interesting sights in Hobart ....

You would often see Classic cars being driven around Hobart, but by the time you got your camera out, they were long gone.  But if one breaks down……
Rental Car

One night, at the Casino, I was getting a ride home with Geoff, and one floor of the parking lot was filled  with Classic Cars. Very impressive – and not a guard watching them except for the security cameras.

I was at Salamanca Market on a Saturday, and this band was playing.    Notice how the bathrooms are called "Toilets".    

 Sometimes I walked downtown another way, and I would pass these barracks. 

The biggest privately owned residential yacht on the planet has arrived for a 5-day visit to Hobart. The World's residents own the ship. Many of them live permanently in the 165 private apartments, or use them as holiday homes. The World has sailed the globe continuously since it was launched in 2002.  This is the second time The World has visited Hobart, the first was in September 2006. (Picture and text taken from

Photos belong to Dorothy Lloyd.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Jaro's bike ride to Ulverstone.....

Spotted on route C123 to Gawler....

The wonderful descent from Paloona...

The route went south-west from Devonport, through Eugenana, Melrose, Paloona and Moreton, then B16 and C123 to Gawler and Ulverstone.

Start of the climb up to Moreton: looks innocent enough here, but after the first left it turns into a ~2km long 15% grade - another job for "granny gear".

Views from the plateau at Moreton...

Route C123 to Gawler.

Ulverstone Park

I was going to go farther west to Penguin, but with the strong easterly wind, I decided to head back east instead, but by way of all the little streets and bike paths through the beach parks of Ulverstone and Turners Beach. Some interesting sights there, that I haven't checked out previously.
The C123 is a really fun ride, with the road staying high on a ridge, providing great views, with only little dips before the descent to Gawler.

All photos belong to Jaro Franta.  

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Meet more Australians in Hobart....

Peter  was born in Lymington, England.
It was raining out, and I went to the Casino for supper.  I wanted to take some pictures, but every booth was occupied. There was a woman reading in one of the booths, and I asked her if I could sit there and take pictures.   
We started talking - she was from Adelaide (her partner was gambling, but he joined us later) and they were also tourists in Tasmania.  So this is how I met Charyn and Peter.  They had rented a studio about two blocks away from me on Sandy Bay Road.  They had a rental car and were going on a drive the next day.  They asked me to join them and, of course, I accepted.   

My first trip out of the city - we drove south of Hobart, stopped lots, and had such a good visit.  They had been here for about two weeks, and were just driving around Tasmania.  One night, they stayed at these holiday villas right beside the ocean.

We stopped at Cygnet and went to the Cygnet Living History Museum.  We had a good visit with a volunteer there, and he suggested that we eat lunch at the Commercial Hotel.  I had fish and chips - very good.  On the way out to the patio, there was a bakeshop in the hotel with lots of different cheesecakes.  I had one with caramel topping - excellent. 

Different traffic signs....

They were going home in a couple of days, so we stayed around Hobart, and they invited me for supper on their last night.

Photos belong to Dorothy Lloyd.

Friday, 3 February 2012

Jaro’s suite in Devonport…..


Stewart Street, Devonport, with my place over top of this shop. 

The range.  I moved the microwave elsewhere, as it was taking up too much room on the kitchen table, and I wasn't using it much anyway.

The fridge is small.... Requires careful management :)

I like the shower - it is the full width of the bathroom, so no worries about hitting elbows, etc.

All photos belong to Jaro Franta.