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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Meet a Canadian in Tasmania now…..

After I started my blog, Discover Tasmania facebook picked it up for a few days to show the Australians.
A Canadian, Jaro Franta, contacted me.  He came from Montreal to Devonport, Tasmania, and arrived here about the middle of December.  I asked him why he picked Tasmania, and here is his response.

Several reasons I picked Tas: all of them have to do with bicycling :)
However, it only became feasible this year, because of my early retirement, last September... I feel it only makes sense to go this far (and this many $$ for the flight) if it's for an extended period - rather than the usual 3wk vacations one gets when employed. The extended stay also allowed me to rent an inexpensive studio apartment, which costs a small fraction of a hotel room ( I can do my own cooking, to avoid restaurant bills)
Also, I have had some good information from friends who visited, as well as acquaintances on the GardenWeb forum, to which I subscribe (I'm an avid collector & gardener of dwarf conifers, as you may have noticed in some of my FB photo albums....)

My next blog, Jaro's comments about bicycling. 

All photos belong to Jaro Franta. 

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