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Monday, 30 January 2012

A cyclist’s comments about Tasmania…

Interesting question, about rating Tasmania.
Weather is just ideal, and I am certainly enjoying the biking here.
I'm a bit disappointed though, about how few other cyclists I see here, and the dominance of the automobile culture. In that respect, some other places, like San Diego, are far better.

Also, most roads tend to be narrow, with little or no shoulder for bikers to use. Worse, when there is a shoulder, it's often made using inferior paving material, which is too rough for the narrow high pressure tires of racing bikes. That forces bikers to ride on the wrong side of the line marking the shoulder, which makes us look like kamikazes....

Having done just about every road in the Devonport region (that is not a dead end), I am more selective now, using only those circuits for training where there is very little traffic. Drivers are generally courteous, but it only takes one careless driver to ruin everything....
Still, there are many more roads to choose from, than around San Diego, for example.

Most of southern Europe is too cold to bike in winter, and I heard that Hawaii is not that great for biking either.  Some friends go to Guadeloupe during the winter, which is said to be great for biking - but only early in the morning, because the rest of the day is too hot and humid. I might try it at some point anyway, just to see for myself....
The main thing is that I'm getting into great shape and a good sun tan as well... That's what counts !

My last blog, the pictures were of Launceston, not Devonport.

All photos belong to Jaro Franta.   

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