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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

You will enjoy walking around Battery Point in Hobart...

Battery Point is a subdivision in Hobart, just about downtown - there are stairs going down a hill called the Kelly Stairs, and you would take them to continue walking downtown.   

It was only the first week of November, but there were so many flowers.  There are a lot of older, cottage-like homes, and they are spaced close together, so I went on many interesting walks in Battery Point.    
Lots of times, I would leave downtown, climb up the stairs, and continue home by walking through Battery Point. 

These homes were taken from the bakery - I think they are both used as offices.  Note the pay phone outside. 
This place was very busy – many tourists ate here.  There are a couple of other restaurants, but this was the main drawing card.  Of course, if you want to eat elsewhere, you can always take the Kelly stairs going down.  You will end up by the docks, and lots of restaurants. 
Photos belong to Dorothy Lloyd.


  1. Beautiful. I live in Australia and are yet to visit the gorgeous Tasmania. Great pictures.

  2. I have lived in Hobart for 19 years and love Battery Point. I'm really enjoying reading your blog. I had an uncle who lived in Red Deer, near Alberta. He visited us about 35 years or so ago and loved Tasmania.

  3. Hi to both of you. I loved Hobart, and what a different experience from Alberta. Annie - Red Deer is about 3 hours from here - in Alberta.