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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

In Hobart, when it rained, it rained…

It rained for three days straight.  It would stop raining for about an hour, so you could walk down and get groceries, but still pretty cloudy out.  And, of course, with a tin roof, you really heard the rain.

I had two skylights on my roof, one over my bed and one over the couch.  Sometimes, on a clear night, I would lie in bed and gaze at the stars.  But, if it was a hot afternoon, the sun would beat in and usually drove me outside. 

One morning, during the rain, I got out of bed and stepped into water.  I thought it was a skylight leaking, but it turned out to be the brick wall.   I fetched my landlady, and she came over with a bucket and mop.   Eventually, the sun came out and dried everything up. 
Then, over the next week, she fixed the tin roof to stop the leak.  This is my neighbour's house and her house - I think with 100 year old houses, you are always fixing something.  Like she said, “Let’s hope that it stops raining….”

Photos belong to Dorothy Lloyd.

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