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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Use the Kelly stairs, Hobart, to chart your progress ….

Battery Point is a historical subdivision of Hobart – older cottages, lots of flowers – this signpost is in Battery Point, and you would be taking the stairs down.
I lived on Sandy Bay Road, and would often walk downtown.  This would take about 35 minutes, and then take the bus back.  But at least twice a week, I would walk across from the docks, go to the bakery for lunch, and then take the Kelly stairs home.     

Recycling was in progress - the stairs were cut from the cliff, and the warehouses below were built from the stones.

It took quite a while before I could walk up these stairs without pausing on the landings.   But remember, it is hot out and I have a backpack with either library books or shopping.  But lots of walking, so after about a month or two, no pauses.

And, of course, a hill at the end...

Photos belong to Dorothy Lloyd.

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  1. Walking up Kelly's Steps is a good work out! Nice to pause and look at the views.