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Thursday, 1 December 2011

In Hobart, the stove was unique.....

So this was my stove – I took the frying pan and the coffee press from Canada.  There was only one burner, and a small oven, but I did not mind it - and very easy to clean. 

The suite included all utilities, including cable tv.  But I think power is very high, because if you are renting a room, they would often say - Power $10/week.  Sometimes, the mornings were a little chilly, so I would plug in my heater.

The couch was worn out, so I had to adjust my pillows to sit down.  My door was often open, and the cat would come in.  She was so hairy that I made her sleep on a towel.  

I carried my computer (so heavy) down to McDonalds to use their wifi,  but after about a month , I found out that the landlady’s son had a computer, and from one place in my suite, I was able to hook on with him.  When I  first got here, I found out my computer had to have a different part.  There was a computer store right besides me on Sandy Bay Road.  I went there, and met a very pleasant, young man (whom I would often see on the street)  and then waited for about a week until my part came in. 

This is the washing machine and a dryer in the bathroom – in Australia, you must hang your clothes out to dry.  My landlady went to Salamanca Market every Saturday to sell her jam, so Saturday was my washday.   The dryer was used once in the 5 months - the landlady's grandbaby was visiting her, it was raining outside, and they needed to dry his blankets. 
The bed was comfortable, and I felt at home there. 

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