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Thursday, 15 December 2011

Meet some Australians in Hobart...

These pictures were taken at the Casino from their Riverside Snacks balcony. 

It was raining out, so I decided to take the bus down to the Casino and have some supper.  Normally, I would walk down, but it was cold out.   At the Casino, in their Riverside Snacks, you can get a half order of English fish & chips for $5.50 - what a deal!  Just ask for water, because there was coffee on the floor.  This is for people of legal gambling age, so no children.

There was an older couple, Shirley and Lindsay Crome, whom I had seen before, sitting there.  It was very cold in the room, so we exchanged comments, and they invited me over.  After that, I was in like Flynn with all their friends.  

Two or three times a week, we would meet in the Casino or downtown in a Chinese restaurant.  Twice a week, Lindsay drove seniors to their medical appointments.  They were a classy couple, and I enjoyed their company.   What was nice is that they were not on the computer, so they wrote me in Canada - it is so nice to get a letter from Australia. 
I met their friend, Geoff, and the four of us would go upstairs on Tuesday nights and play Trivia.  We would often get the booby prize, but still fun for us.  
Photos belong to Dorothy Lloyd.

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