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Saturday, 10 December 2011

I think that you will be safe in Hobart…

I am from a small town in northern Alberta, so very interesting to move to a city. 

My door locks were worn out , so after the first two nights, I stopped locking my door.
There was a back entrance to the garage, and the dog would sleep there.  The dog was old, and hard of hearing, but she could certainly bark.  The garage door (which, when opened, would partially face the street) was up for over 3 days, and I still never locked my door. 
There were two parking gates, and an entrance gate, and they were never locked.  

Every Wednesday night, I played poker at the Casino.  The game started at 7 o’clock, I would play to about 10, and then go for fish & chips.  So then I always took a cab home.  The fare was about $8.00 but I always gave them $10 and asked them to wait until I opened the gate.  Not that it wasn’t safe, but sometimes, if it was raining, the gate stuck and I could hardly open it.   

In March, the Chinese girl and I went to a fireworks festival.  Then, after the show, hundreds of us walked into downtown Hobart, and then we went to the bus depot.  But the bus had stopped running - so the two of us walked through St. David’s Park and down Sandy Bay Road at around midnight, and felt totally safe. 

Photos belong to Dorothy Lloyd.

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