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Friday, 25 November 2011

You will walk everywhere in Hobart .....

Gas is expensive in Australia, and the bus costs two dollars.  Hobart is a small city, so if you don't have too far to go, you and many others will be walking. 

But Hobart is built on the bank of the river - so you will be walking uphill and downhill.  When I first got there, people would pass me all the time, but after a month of uphill-downhill, I was starting to keep up.

The water is right there - for someone from Alberta, it was very pleasant to walk down, sit by the ducks, and watch the boats.

I am putting a picture up - every street in Hobart is like this....

As you walk along, many homes are selling their garden produce, including lemons, at their front door or gate without being there.  You decide what you want, put the money in a little basket they have set out, and continue on your way.

Photos belong to Dorothy Lloyd.

1 comment:

  1. Yaay, success with posting your pics. I love Hobart, though I forgot about all the old red brick buildings. Did you go to the casino?