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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

To avoid our winter, I went to Hobart, Australia...

The reason I picked Hobart is because our winter is their summer, and they have the same summer temperature as Alberta.  Most of  us would like to visit Australia, but the main reason we don't go, besides the long plane ride, is that it is so terribly hot.  But not Hobart - although you will have to buy an umbrella.

I was there from November 1st/09 to March 31st/10 and I loved it.   

I booked my flight to Sydney on Airmiles, and then took Virgin Airlines to Hobart.  Long flight - 30 hours either on the plane or sitting at the airport in Vancouver and Sydney.

I arrived there just after supper, and there was a bus that took you into Hobart for $15.  The other passengers (I was the only without the Australian accent) were very surprised that I was going to spend the winter here. 

Photos belong to Dorothy Lloyd.

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