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Saturday, 26 November 2011

The Hobart suite was set in a large, park-like setting...

This is the roof of my suite with the landlady's house behind it.

And this is her house taken from across the street.  There was a hedge around, two large parking gates, and an entrance gate.

The house was over 100 years old and needed repairs - the stone mason was working there in March - but it was full of antiques and I thought it was beautiful. 

The landlady, her son, and a dog and a cat lived there.  During the week, she would make up jam, and then sell them on Saturday at Salamanca Market .

So on the hot afternoons, and because there is a tin roof on the suite, I would open my door and this is what I would see ....

And the flowers were already blooming when I got there..

Photos belong to Dorothy Lloyd.

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