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Monday, 28 November 2011

Join a gym in Hobart...

My landlady took me to the suite.  She said that I could shower in the main house, but I told her that I was joining a gym.  She left me with supper –  roast with vegetables  – great welcoming gift.    With the roasted vegetables, I thought I was eating turnip, but it turned out to be pumpkin. 

I took a coffee press and coffee with me from Canada.   Remember that Australia works on a different power schedule and you will get a kettle, so take a coffee press.  Also, I took a smaller, well-build backpack to hold my wallet, sunglass case, eye glasses, and some water.  Not only does this leave your hands free, but it really improved my posture. 

The next morning, after coffee and the news, I decided to go for a walk about, eat breakfast, and pick up groceries.  I went to the Sandy Bay Bakery and sat with an Australian.  She recommended a gym downtown – Club Salamanca -  because it had a pool.

After breakfast, I walked to the gym. The staff were very polite and helpful.  There was no one around to sign me up, but we toured the center and then I had a shower.  There are towels, shampoo and conditioner in every shower, and hair dryers in the dressing area.

On Monday, I signed up –  about $500 for 5 months.  Well worth it, because I went Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  You are walking lots, so in the gym, I just used the rower and lifted some weights, and then hit the pool and steam room.

The hill was so steep – tough climbing back up after working out.

Photos belong to Jaro Franta and Dorothy Lloyd.


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