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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Join the library in Hobart...

You will be very impressed with the buildings as you walk downtown.  Now stand outside the Cat & Fiddle shopping mall on Murray Street, and look north.  See the big hill – the library is at the top…
The library is free, but when you go to join, you will need your passport and the rental agreement with the landlord.

This is why I like to have a backpack –  carry your library books (Don’t take too much – you can often go back)  and any groceries that you buy. 

I was teaching a 15-year-old Chinese girl English (which I will tell you about in a later blog) and, of course, met her parents.  The mother could not speak any English, relying on her daughter to translate.  She was working in a restaurant downtown, and, one day, she took the car.  And parked in the Library lot even through it was clearly marked “1/2 hour parking” and got a $30 ticket.  But you do not have to worry about that, because, in Hobart, you will be walking. 
In the library, there is a shelf of books – fifty cents to five dollars – go ahead and buy anything you are interested in, have the fun of reading it, and then leave it in your suite for the next renter.

 Photos belong to Jaro Franta and Dorothy Lloyd.

Monday, 28 November 2011

Join a gym in Hobart...

My landlady took me to the suite.  She said that I could shower in the main house, but I told her that I was joining a gym.  She left me with supper –  roast with vegetables  – great welcoming gift.    With the roasted vegetables, I thought I was eating turnip, but it turned out to be pumpkin. 

I took a coffee press and coffee with me from Canada.   Remember that Australia works on a different power schedule and you will get a kettle, so take a coffee press.  Also, I took a smaller, well-build backpack to hold my wallet, sunglass case, eye glasses, and some water.  Not only does this leave your hands free, but it really improved my posture. 

The next morning, after coffee and the news, I decided to go for a walk about, eat breakfast, and pick up groceries.  I went to the Sandy Bay Bakery and sat with an Australian.  She recommended a gym downtown – Club Salamanca -  because it had a pool.

After breakfast, I walked to the gym. The staff were very polite and helpful.  There was no one around to sign me up, but we toured the center and then I had a shower.  There are towels, shampoo and conditioner in every shower, and hair dryers in the dressing area.

On Monday, I signed up –  about $500 for 5 months.  Well worth it, because I went Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  You are walking lots, so in the gym, I just used the rower and lifted some weights, and then hit the pool and steam room.

The hill was so steep – tough climbing back up after working out.

Photos belong to Jaro Franta and Dorothy Lloyd.


Saturday, 26 November 2011

The Hobart suite was set in a large, park-like setting...

This is the roof of my suite with the landlady's house behind it.

And this is her house taken from across the street.  There was a hedge around, two large parking gates, and an entrance gate.

The house was over 100 years old and needed repairs - the stone mason was working there in March - but it was full of antiques and I thought it was beautiful. 

The landlady, her son, and a dog and a cat lived there.  During the week, she would make up jam, and then sell them on Saturday at Salamanca Market .

So on the hot afternoons, and because there is a tin roof on the suite, I would open my door and this is what I would see ....

And the flowers were already blooming when I got there..

Photos belong to Dorothy Lloyd.

Friday, 25 November 2011

You will walk everywhere in Hobart .....

Gas is expensive in Australia, and the bus costs two dollars.  Hobart is a small city, so if you don't have too far to go, you and many others will be walking. 

But Hobart is built on the bank of the river - so you will be walking uphill and downhill.  When I first got there, people would pass me all the time, but after a month of uphill-downhill, I was starting to keep up.

The water is right there - for someone from Alberta, it was very pleasant to walk down, sit by the ducks, and watch the boats.

I am putting a picture up - every street in Hobart is like this....

As you walk along, many homes are selling their garden produce, including lemons, at their front door or gate without being there.  You decide what you want, put the money in a little basket they have set out, and continue on your way.

Photos belong to Dorothy Lloyd.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

In Hobart, I rented a furnished suite.....

This was the back door.....

but because I was by myself (would have liked a better suite, but too expensive), I rented one for $235/week.  Note how everything is done by the week.  I looked at  and picked one because I wanted to rent it from Canada.  The pictures on the internet do not really show the condition of the suite.  The suite had an old bathroom without any tub or shower.

However, the suite was a little garden cottage in a beautiful yard.  It was old, but during the time that I was there, I looked at other suites renting for about the same price, and they were all old and pretty run down.

Inside/outside view.....

Two car parking spot....

Remember that if you go with someone, you could rent a lot nicer place.  Also, many Australians offer rooms in their homes, so you could share.

Photos belong to Dorothy Lloyd.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

To avoid our winter, I went to Hobart, Australia...

The reason I picked Hobart is because our winter is their summer, and they have the same summer temperature as Alberta.  Most of  us would like to visit Australia, but the main reason we don't go, besides the long plane ride, is that it is so terribly hot.  But not Hobart - although you will have to buy an umbrella.

I was there from November 1st/09 to March 31st/10 and I loved it.   

I booked my flight to Sydney on Airmiles, and then took Virgin Airlines to Hobart.  Long flight - 30 hours either on the plane or sitting at the airport in Vancouver and Sydney.

I arrived there just after supper, and there was a bus that took you into Hobart for $15.  The other passengers (I was the only without the Australian accent) were very surprised that I was going to spend the winter here. 

Photos belong to Dorothy Lloyd.